Excellcomm Services

Excellcomm focus is on adding value to the business of our partners and clients. We use our own considerable market knowledge, technical and business skills, extensive hands on experience at key levels with many of the leading of the leading operators and technology vendors as well as our network of senior level contacts and trustworthy relationships built up over 30 years of experience in the telecom and related sectors around the world.

Management consultancy and professional services

  • Business strategy & planning
  • Strategy development and implementation planning
  • Mergers, alliances and new ventures
  • Market analysis and research
  • Specialized HR related services
  • Executive Search Services
  • Executive coaching & development
  • Capacity building & training
  • Regulatory support services
  • Licensing and ongoing regulatory support services
  • MVNO and MVNE facilitation

Business development and representational services

  • Market entry strategy, planning & facilitation
  • Market, competitor & prospect analysis
  • Development of effective market entry strategies and tactics
  • Regulatory/Government approvals, equipment type approvals and import facilitation
  • Business development support services
  • Consultant, Representation, Agency or Distribution models
  • Public relations & lobbying
  • Government, Regulator and Client relationships
  • Access to influencing of senior levels executives and decision-makers
  • Problem solving and issue resolution
  • Initiating, developing and maintaining key identified relationships

Sales , marketing & distribution development services

  • Sales strategy planning & support services
  • Development of a optimal sales strategy for target technology, solution or service
  • Evaluation of existing sales strategies, identifying and addressing gaps
  • Distribution strategy planning & support services
  • Development of a optimal distribution strategy for target technology, solution or service
  • Evaluation of existing distribution strategies, identifying and addressing gaps
  • Distribution audits
  • Establishing and developing effective distribution networks and system
  • Marketing strategy planning & support services
  • Development of a optimal marketing strategy for target technology, solution or service
  • Evaluation of existing marketing strategies, identifying and addressing gaps
  • Marketing audits
  • Existing product service analysis and evaluation, identification of product service gaps
  • Customer satisfaction research/surveys and evaluation of feedback

Operational and technical support services

  • Pre and post sales support services
  • Pre sales interaction including need identification & analysis, solution presentation etc
  • Post sales service including 24*7 type maintenance and support services
  • Proof of concept implementation & support services
  • PoC initiation, implementation, results collection, evaluation and presentation
  • Solution implementation support
  • Local Implementation of hardware and software based solution
  • Local hardware sourcing and support
  • Solution development & integration support
  • Integration support for linkage to local customer systems
  • Support for any modification or customization of solution or services
  • Cost effective local outsource capability to support our clients according to their requirements

Value added solutions for the communications sector

  • Cutting edge social network based analytics and related solutions
  • Mobile marketing & advertising solutions
  • Churn analysis & prevention solutions
  • Subscriber profiling and segmentation solutions
  • Top up optimization and revenue generation services
  • Fraud prevention solutions
  • Campaign management solutions
  • Integrated digital, web and social media based marketing & sales systems and solutions

Human Resource Management and Organizational Development Services

Since its inception the founding members of Excellcomm have felt that human factor plays an immensely powerful role in building a result oriented, goal centered and visionary organization. In today’s global business environment where even the most developed of the organizations are considering retrenchment, downsizing and corners cutting for mere survival the practice of rationalizing Human Resource Management, Business Process Re-engineering and Organizational Development has become all the more important.

Institute HRM to Stabilize your Organization

What essential component turns organizational vision into reality? The answer is aligning HRM best practices with your business strategies; Turning the organizational plans into meaningful actions by creating an HRM system that supports the work of the company. Create a structure that is consistent with your goals, industry, size, and corporate culture.

Defining the work is the critical first step toward efficient and effective operations. If the company is new, Excellcomm provides services in examining and define the primary functions, establish work units, and identification of key relationships.

If the concern is about productivity, anticipating substantial growth, or expecting a downturn? Excellcomm examines company's management levels, spans of control, and functional groupings and relationships to help in streamlining and improving efficiency and effectiveness.

We also help in defining positions (job descriptions) and clarify expectations for employee performance and behavior (employee guidelines).

Reducing Employment Practice Liability Risk

Strong documentation is the first step towards laying foundation of the best HR|M Practices with in your organization. However, often actual practice are found inconsistent with the written down policies and procedures that causes de-motivation and becomes the turning point of the organizational downfall. Excellcomm possesses the edge in diagnosing and addressing specific HR issues before or after they become obstacle to the organizational success.

  • Human Resource Consulting

The Excellcomm consultancy services offer human resource-related practices and documents to help the organizations comply with basic employment and institution of best practices. Our basic objective is to assist the companies to manage workforce more effectively while protecting the business.

Through this process, we describe companies HR-related strengths, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide specific recommendations to address any areas of concern. We keep the company involved and informed in order to facilitate a smooth transition between our work and your implementation.

Our review would typically include the administration and practice of the HRM interventions as follows;

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Job Description along with Job Specifications
  • Hiring and orientation
  • Employee guidelines/communications
  • Performance evaluation
  • Career Planning
  • Training and development
  • Job Evaluation
  • Basic compensation structure and benefits
  • Code of Conduct
  • Involuntary terminations
  • Employee records/notices
  • Supervisory guidelines and training

Based on the findings of the review we develop time bound specific recommendations and strategies for implementation.

Organization Development Consulting

The organization’s who have been receptive to change and have not been skeptical to the technological, environmental, procedural, legal and cultural changes have seen growth and profits. It is has now become mandatory for the old guards to give way to new systems and approaches. Organizational Development (OD) is a systems approach to planning and implementing organizational change. It serves as the underpinning of every successful corporate initiative. Using the principles of OD, Excellcomm assists the organizations to build collaborative work relationships, define companies change process, and institute a structure that focuses on the attainment of defined goals.